What Others Have Said…

At the end of the day, what we want most is to make sure our customers are happy and that they are confident they made the right decision when selling their land! We want to provide a solution that will work for you!

Below you will find what other people are saying.

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Testimonial: Dianne

Ocala Road Investments is very professional, they answered all my questions and it was truly a seamless process. The paperwork was prepared promptly and payment was received in less than a week.

Joanne G.

I have had numerous folks ask about the property over the years and I have always responded with a counter offer that approximated what I paid for the property. Ocala Road Investments was the only one that accepted my offer. I verified their information on the internet and with the BBB, his company had no adverse comments. To my surprise I had my check in the mail within one week. You can trust Ray at Ocala Road Investments to do what he says he will do.

George H.

I received your check today. Thanks so much. Great doing business with you.

Robert W.

I had received several offers to purchase our property located in Colorado. My husband and I replied to several because we were wanting to sell our land. Ray Seaman at Ocala Investments was the only one that responded, within one day via a phone call. At the end of our conversation we decided to accept the offer for our land. With that said, the relationship was astounding. We received our monies within two weeks time after the agreement was complete and the title transferred. I would highly recommend doing business with Ray! he is polite, ‘down to earth’, and honest!!

Kathy V.

My name is Richard Schnitker and I am from Maryland. I received some property from my parents that was located in San Luis, CO. Since we do not live in the area and have no intention of moving to Colorado I was looking at selling. Over the years I have received several offers but it appeared that it was an attempt to get the land at a very unreasonable price. When I received an offer from Ocala Road Investments it seemed fair and so I responded with a counter offer, which Ray Seaman agreed to. I was surprised but skeptical. So my next response was to validate both him and Ocala Road Investments. Ray quickly responded with multiple validation points and contacts and I was convinced that this was a legitimate company.

Upon moving forward I received a settlement offer from the title company which was slightly off on the agreed settlement offer. I responded that it was not correct and Ray quickly intercepted and corrected the numbers as agreed upon. After that the process was very smooth and quick.

I highly recommend Ray Seaman and Ocala Road Investments as a GREAT and trusting company to do business with!

Richard S.