What To Expect Selling Your Land To An Investor

What To Expect When You Sell Your Land To An Investor
Hey there, it’s Ray from Ocala Road Investments. And in this video I want to just talk about, what are some things you can expect from working with a land investor like me and my company?

Well first thing is, our goal truly is to be able to buy your land, and help you sell your land for as little hassle as possible. And for you to get a nice chunk of cash at the end of the transaction. And one of the ways we do that is, of course we have access to capital partners, and lines of credit, and things like that we use so that that way we can be able to buy your land, in sometimes as little as 30 days or less.

The other thing to expect is, if you have problems with your land and it’s a piece of land that of course we’re interested in buying, If you’ve got, say, liens, or judgements, or property taxes that are owed on the land, or there’s some other issue that of course you let us know about, we’ll see if it’s fixable. And if it is, typically we’ll work through the title company to resolve, like I said, those liens, or judgments, or property taxes. We’ll work with that title company to not only pay those, but also probably reduce those.

So again, that way you can be able to sell your land without having those encumbrances, or certainly something that’s going to follow you after the transaction. That’s not going to happen. I’m trying to think.

Another thing to keep in mind is of course we are investors, and this is where some folks are like, oh. But here’s the thing. With investors, we buy land at a discount, right? Because what we’re doing is, we’re ultimately providing land owners with a service.

We are coming in with an all-cash offer, we are closing quickly, we’re solving any problems associated with the property. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is if you inherited land and you need to go through the probate process, we’re going to pay for the probate attorney and they’re going to get you through the probate process. So that way the title of the property can get into your name, so that way you can sell it to us.

So we take care of all that, that’s all one big package. And as a result, we need to buy your land at a discount. Because what we’re probably going to do is resell it later for something closer to market value. That’s our profit that we use to keep our business running and pay our bills.

So, ultimately if you are someone who’s looking for market value, top-dollar, and you’re willing to wait three, six, sometimes worst case scenario, 12 months to sell. In other words, you’re not really in a big rush to sell the land, then honestly your best bet is to talk to a realtor. Now you are going to have to pay a 10% commission, there’s bureaucracy and extra fees. And it takes, again, it takes time to sell land. Land is not like a house.

But if that’s your situation, yeah, it’s probably better to go talk to a realtor. But again, if you’re looking to sell your land quickly for cash, you don’t care about getting every penny out of the land, reach out to us. Just go to ocalaroad.com, just provide your name, the county and state that your land is located in, and also just your phone and email, so that way we can reach out to you if we’ve got questions about the property, or we just want to learn more about what the situation is.

So reach out to us at ocalaroad.com with your property information. We’d love the opportunity to help you, and serve you, and for you to be able to sell that land that you’ve probably wanted to sell for a while, and just get it done. So reach out to us, and look forward to working with you. Thanks, have a great day.
Ray Seaman

Ray is the founder of Ocala Road Investments. Starting out in real estate in 2017, he soon realized how much he enjoyed working in the vacant land space. He's purchased lots and acreage from California to Florida and loves helping landowners solve problems and get cash for their property as fast as possible. There's nothing better than a happy landowner with more cash in their pocket and a lot less to worry about!

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