How To Sell Inherited Land

How To Sell Your Inherited Land
Hey, it’s Ray from Ocala Road Investments. In this video, I want to talk about how we work with land owners who have inherited land and they want to sell it. This is a common situation we run into all the time where folks, for example, their parents or a family member bought a piece land decades and decades ago, and they’ve passed on and you’ve inherited the land and you really have no plans for it. And you just want to sell it, get some money, and move on, which is perfectly normal, makes a lot of sense. And again, we’ve helped plenty of landowners through this exact situation. So what we do is we work with a probate attorney here in the state of Florida who can work with you to go through the probate process. We pay for that probate attorney and all their fees and stuff that’s associated with their work and their service.

And so, they will guide you through the probate process. And it depends on the county where your land is located, but the probate process… And it also depends, I should say too, on whether you’ve got the death certificate and all the paperwork, if there’s a will involved. But again, the probate attorney will help you figure out what all the documentation you’re going to need. But if you pretty much have your act together, when it comes to the documentation, the probate process can take as little as maybe a month, as little as a month. But most of the time, it usually takes two or three months at least to complete the probate process in Florida. Sometimes it can take longer depending on the situation, but our offer will still stand throughout that whole period. And at the end of the day, we’ll pay for the probate attorney.

We’ll close once the probate process is complete and the title is in your name, and then therefore you can legally sell the land. And we’ll close with the offer that we gave you. We’ll also cover all the closing costs associated with the transaction, and you’ll be free of the land and you’ll have some extra cash in your bank account as a result. So if that’s your situation, we’d love to be able to help you out. We’ve helped countless Florida land owners through the probate process and to be able to sell their land with as little hassle as you can have with the probate process. So reach out to us at Just provides your name, the name that’s on the title of the property I should say, the county where your land is located, as well as the phone number and email that we can reach you at. So that way, if we’ve got questions or need to just learn more about your situation, we can reach out to you. So reach out to us at Thanks. Looking forward to helping you and have a great day.
Ray Seaman

Ray is the founder of Ocala Road Investments. Starting out in real estate in 2017, he soon realized how much he enjoyed working in the vacant land space. He's purchased lots and acreage from California to Florida and loves helping landowners solve problems and get cash for their property as fast as possible. There's nothing better than a happy landowner with more cash in their pocket and a lot less to worry about!

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