About Ocala Road Investments

Ray and his wife Sara

I’m Ray Seaman, and I founded Ocala Road Investments as a way to help landowners solve a common problem – selling their unwanted vacant, bare, and/or raw land. I’ve always believed real estate is at it’s best when there’s a win-win for everyone involved in a transaction, and that’s the kind of business I’m building here at Ocala Road Investments.

Many of the vacant land properties we buy – rural acreage, agricultural, commercial, suburban lots, and more – have some kind of issue that makes them hard to sell through traditional methods. Whether it’s an inherited property that needs to go through the probate process, a property with unpaid taxes, or a property that just isn’t selling with a realtor, I’m proud we’ve been able to help many property owners sell their land and get cash in their pockets quickly. From there, we work with buyers of all kinds to help them find the property of their dreams that meets their needs. At the end of the day, we fulfill our mission when everyone wins.

Ocala Road Investments is based in Tallahassee, however we buy properties throughout multiple states, including Colorado, Florida, and others.

If you have questions about our process or would like to get an offer to sell your land fast, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you achieve a “win” for your vacant land property.

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